Carmen Caserta Fashion Lawyer NYC

From sequins and tulle...

Carmen knows the power of fashion and artistic expression. Her mother was an art director, graphic designer and ceramicist. She filled Carmen's childhood with colored construction paper, glitter and hot glue; the walls of the house were draped in giant art prints; bookcases overflowed with fashion editorials, photography books, and art magazines. Carmen quickly harnessed the arts for self-discovery and expression, diving deeply into dance and creative writing. Fashion was always at the forefront, from sequins and tulle as a toddler, to black lace, flannel and fishnets in her teens. In high school she designed her own bohemian clothing line, cutting and sewing paisley and corduroy textiles and turning hemp strings and clay beads into macramé accessories. When she was nineteen, she began composing music and writing songs. 

Driven by her justice-seeking character and penchant for analytical thinking, Carmen attended law school with hopes for a career in public interest. She graduated with Honors in 2011 from Thomas Jefferson School of Law but was uninspired by job prospects requiring conservative suits, dreary office cubicles and corporate conformity. Thus, she focused on creative callings. Carmen has written and recorded four music albums. She has also founded a number of creative proprietorships, including a wardrobe styling business and a public relations and social media consulting company that catered to artists and creative entrepreneurs. With a flare for buying and selling high fashion on the secondary retail market, she curated a concept pop-up shop featuring a collection of post-retail designer clothing and ethical artisan jewelry, eventually transitioning to e-commerce. Carmen has also worked as creative director on several editorial fashion projects.

At the intersection of fashion and the law, The Law Studio of Carmen Caserta is the integration of her most fervent fascinations. She derives great satisfaction utilizing her specialized skills to provide legal services and general counsel to established and emerging fashion designers, models, photographers, influencers, and fashion industry entrepreneurs.

Carmen is a member of the New York State Bar and the State Bar of California.