Flat Fee Legal Services

For many legal services, The Law Studio of Carmen Caserta provides a flat fee billing model based on the belief that clients are entitled to investment predictability, efficiency of service, and total alignment of attorney-client interests. Customized flat fees based on clients' unique projects and individual needs are provided after the initial consultation.

Investment Predictability

Clients know the exact amount of their monetary investment in legal services right from the start. This cost transparency eliminates uncertainty about the accumulation of legal fees over time, enables clients to confidently budget their funding, and guarantees no unexpectedly large end-of-project invoices.

Incentivized Efficiency

Value-based billing creates built-in motivation for efficient practice. Clients need not worry about bill-padding and can take comfort in the knowledge that timely handling of their legal needs and creative projects is of maximum importance and mutual benefit.

Attorney-Client Alignment

When values of predictability, time efficiency, and cost-effectiveness are aligned between attorney and client, the relationship is created on a foundation of trust, security and shared goals. Clients feel free to optimize the value of the attorney-client relationship because they know there are no meters running.