Carmen Caserta
Attorney Specializing in Fashion
Licensed in CA + NY
Based in New York City

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Fashion Arts Lawyer

The Law Studio of Carmen Caserta is a boutique law practice providing legal services and general counsel to established and emerging professionals in fashion and the arts.


Unparalleled Professionalism

Integrity is the core of Carmen's legal practice; she keeps her promises, delivers high-quality work under strict deadlines, and maintains accountability and professional transparency at all times. With reverence for the critical importance of reliability and trust, Carmen holds herself to the highest ethical standards by practicing a deep commitment to professional responsibility.

Top-Tier Skill

Highly developed aptitudes for analytical thinking, logical reasoning and innovative problem solving make Carmen a natural-born lawyer. Her lifelong facility for writing in creative, academic and persuasive formats enables her to provide distinctively high-caliber work product; and her ability to perceive the finest details ensures thoroughness, precision and excellence.  

Rare Insight

Carmen's extraordinary background in the arts makes her uniquely aware of industry demands. She delivers a rare combination of legal qualification and personal understanding; her experience as a musician, singer-songwriter and creative entrepreneur enables a meaningful connection with the creative professionals she serves. She appreciates what her clients are doing because she, too, must withstand the distinctive challenges that color a life devoted to an artistic calling.   

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